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Bath Time Baby New Baby Basket-pink (lg)

Bath Time Baby New Baby Basket-pink (lg)
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In the bath time baby gift basket, the plush momma duck plays music while getting ready for bath time. Cozy bath accessories include a hooded bath towel, a baby picture frame, and an ultra soft duck security blanket. Send the bath time baby gift, available in 2 sizes, to your favorite bath time baby! (available in blue, yellow and pink) the large bath time baby new baby basket-pink includes: baby wash tub (12"" round), johnson & johnson tearless baby shampoo 7 oz., 8"" plush momma duck, 4"" plush baby duck, ultra plush baby duck blanket, 1 100% cotton tee shirt, hooded baby bath towel (various designs and not all gifts will contain a duck design), 2 baby caps, 4 terry cloth wash cloths, 5x7 baby picture frame (holds a 3x5 photo), 3 rubber ducksbaby bootie set, baby brush & comb set, johnson & johnson baby lotion 9 oz., johnson & johnson baby wash 9 oz. Note: (baby towels, blankets and clothing designs will vary and may not all be identical to the photo.)
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